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bolt of lightning flash in the sky above the bay area tonight boosting the danger of wildfires. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. a red flag warning is in effect due to a barrage of lightning from thunderstorms that are rolling across northern california. team coverage now our chief meteorologist bill martin tracking the lightning hits on our radar. first to ken wayne is live at the sonoma county airport where fire crews are on alert, ken. >> reporter: this plane was launch just a few minutes after we arrived here at the calfire air attack base. the call came in of a lightning
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sparked wildfire. we've only seen one lightning strike so far here at the airport tonight. some of the most dramatic lightning is taking place along the peninsula and along the coastline. the dazzling light may be fun to watch but it is causing serious concern for firefighters. that's why calfire is being particularly aggressive in reacting to every report of a lightning strike. we had just started an interview with calfire pilot bob velez when he had to cut it short. there was a threat of a fire. >> all i know when they hollered at them, where are we going? they said we're going to the pluma national forest and we're going on lightning fires. >> reporter: the plane took off with retardant but 20 minutes later returned. word is the fire activity was so intense it was too dangerous
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to fly. >> cumulous clouds tend to produce more downward winds which can make things more challenging for drivers. >> it can drive the plane to the ground. >> it can. >> reporter: a computer tracks lightning activity and a red blip signifies when a lightning hit the ground and possibly start add fire. the red flag warning has calfire at readiness. >> we have additional personnel on duty, battalion chiefs and station personnel on duty that way when we do get lightning we're able to deal with those indenses appropriately. >> reporter: air crews will return to the skies at daybreak tomorrow. >> flight conditions can be extreme with turbulence, wind, visibility depending on the clouds. but yeah it can be extreme. i mean of course we're flying low level. >> reporter: the pilots say their goal is to get to the
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fires quickly and put them out before they get beyond five or six acres. that is the goal. but it doesn't always work out that way. mother nature plays by her own rules. live at sonoma county airport, ken wayne, ktvu news. ktvu viewers have also been snapping photos tonight. christian colvin sent us these photos. aaron cabr era sent us this shot right after sunset. we want to see your photos when severe weather hits you can e- mail them to photos at or postthem to our facebook page. and did you suspect live storm tracker 2 is lit up right now. the thunderstorms are coming from the east moving to the west. an unusual direction for us. right now we have thunderstorms activity showing up east of palo alto. we got reports of showers in this area as well. the main thunder storms are offshore. they've been offshore for the past few hours so folks are
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seeing lightning flashes from half-moon bay and pacifica. they're seeing lots of it. we're seeing a lot of lightning strikes above davenport as well. this is over the last hour, see the lightning strikes. especially right off pacifica, we have a lot of parts for pacifica. and moving offshore the the heavy lightning is offshore. behind this we have a red flag warning in effect through wednesday. this is why for this lightning strikes. this is what i'm watching right now. this area here as it moves up over the valley, here's san somewhere se, right. in the next few hours all this instability is going to head our way. we're going to be watching it. i'll be back here in 15 minutes. more thunderstorms chances and it's going to get slightly cooler. i'll see you after the break. the red flag warning prompted calfire to open a look
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out station. john whiteside is keeping watch for smoke. he is expected to remain at his post until wednesday or when the red flag warning is lifted. calfire counts nine of them as major fire. a lightning strike is blamed for a fire that started today in the sekoya national forest. one of the bigger fires is the american fire in the tahoe national forest. it's been burning now for nine days and has grown to 1,500 acres. the good news is it's about 53 contained tonight. and officials tell us they have placed a protection line to stop the fire. one home has been destroyed along with several
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outbuildings. late this afternoon about 400 people who had been evacuated were allowed to return home. containment is now at 64%. in 10 minutes bill will be back with tomorrow's forecast. then at 10:45, the extended outlook and the changes we'll see by the end of the week. you can follow the ktvu channel 2 weather team on twitter and like them on facebook for up to the minute forecasts delivered right to your mobile device. new at 10:00, the long awaited bay bridge are now complete. the bridge oversight committee says crews completed installation of steel shims over the weekend. the repairs had to be complete until the new span could open on september 3rd. the permanent repair for those broken bolts isn't expected to
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be ready until december. even with the temporary repair, the new bridge is being used over the old one. >> reporter: the bay bridge will shut down. traffic is expected to be a mess and we got the first look at how b.a.r.t. plans to help fill the gaps. b.a.r.t. trains were stuck to the scene during tonight's evening commute. crowded trains are expected through the labor day weekend as the bay bridge shuts down for five days and six nights. >> we're already sardines. it's going to be crazy. >> reporter: ktvu news says b.a.r.t.
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plans to have 16 of their stations operating 24 hours a day while the bridge is closed. the stations include sfo, embarcadero, walnut creek, coliseum oakland airport and dublin pleasanton. the only exception is between 1:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. tuesday when all trains will stop for required maintenance. >> it creates a pattern through the day. it's mainly people that were headed to work. >> reporter: it will help travelers with early morning flights. b.a.r.t. will also run longer trains with up to 10 cars during the day and for weekend events including several a's games. many already have plans to stay home or find another way to avoid the traffic nightmare. >> i'm going up to oregon to visit family for a long weekend. i'm going to make it an extra long weekend to avoid the bay bridge closure. >> hopefully i don't have to
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work, and if i do i'll be on the road with everybody else. >> reporter: ferries are expected to offer extra service as well to háe with -- to help with the closure. expect extra traffic on the freeways and especially the san mateo bridge and richmond san rafael bridge. cara liu, ktvu news. here another look at the 14 stations that will remain open beginning wednesday 28. overnight service will continue for five nights but not on tuesday morning when the new bridge is expected to open. has extensive coverage decaded to the new bridge and next week's closure. just look for the link under hot topics. continuing coverage of the horrific limousine fire that killed five nurses on the san mateo bridge. a catastrophic failure of the rear suspension is what led to
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that deadly fire. authorities released their findings more than three months after the limo caught fire. today they also said there will be no criminal charges in the case. amber lee live at the western end of the san mateo bridge to tell us what she's learned, amber. >> reporter: several agencies were involved in this investigation. and all came to the same conclusion, what happens here on the san mateo bridge was an accident. the deadly limo fire took place on the night of january 4. >> some tragedies are crimes and some are not. this one is not. and there will be no criminal charges. >> reporter: cell phone records shows that the limo driver was not distracted by a phone call. >> chp and district attorney investigators determined mr. brown was not on his phone at the time of this tragedy. >> reporter: tonight i spoke
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with victim anna acostano's wife. he told me he attended a meeting here at the foster fire department this morning. the chp led the private meeting with the families of the victims and survivors. tonight chp spokesperson told me this meeting was among the most emotional and difficult meetings he's had in his time with the department. he said he wanted to let them know what happened in the limo fire before releasing it to the media. >> the rear suspension system which allowed the vehicle's dry shaft to come into contact with the floor panel. that caused the carpet and other flammable materials to catch fire inside the vehicle. the limo company will be fined $7,500 for having too more passengers in the vehicle than there were seat belts. >> no real cause of this thing can be apew a -- attributed
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that could have been done ahead of time to have prevented it. >> reporter: despite the findings, the limo company faces several lawsuits from the victim's families. live from the foot of the san mateo bridge, amber lee, ktvu news. the man behind the wheel of that limo says she's not surprised that no criminal charges are being filed but he says he is haunted by his memories of that night. >> it is painful. every day is painful. every minute is painful. everything reoccurring in my head just about every you know every day. >> at his father's law offices, driver orville browns says he does not think he could have done anything differently on the night of the fire. he says he's receiving counseling and has not driven a
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limo since that night. trying to set a homeowner on fire. >> it's terrible. people don't like to get out right here. >> the work to clean up the plighted -- blithed b.a.r.t. station where it happened. >> someone who would leave someone in the middle of the street like that i think is horrible. >> the police search for a truck driver that killed a south bay man. good morning! wow.
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investigators are looking for whoever hit and killed man in san jose. new details now, ktvu's christien kafton joins us from where that man was struck. >> reporter: take a look you can see why. there's no street lights over this particular stretch of alam rock. despite that witnesses were able to give a pretty good vehicle description to authorities but said it was simply too dark to see the driver. flairs used to direct traffic still lie on rockham avenue, steps from where a pickup struck and killedded hood -- killed hood. >> i talked to him from the bus stop to the corner when he turns down the street to go home. >> reporter: witnesses describe a terrible scene with the victim's cane, shoes and bag
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all thrown in different directions. >> the girl said he flew up in the air. he was flying up in the air. but, you know, it's just, i don't know it's a horrible thing. how could anybody do that? >> reporter: investigators say the driver of the truck must have known he struck someone as they quickly turned and left the area. neighbors can't understand how the driver left ford on the street to drive. >> i think that's horrible. i think anybody who would just leave somebody out in the middle of the street like that i think it's horrible. >> reporter: felix arnez says the neighborhood has lost one of their own. >> well if i could bring him back. i sure would. >> reporter: now chp investigators are looking to see if the accident is connected to another hit-and- run that happened in the area friday night. also involving a pickup truck. arnez says alam rock avenue is a busy road without enough lightning and is not controlled enough to stop speeders. >> i doubt very seriously if they're going to do anything extra. >> reporter: now tonight chp have a lot of details about the
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vehicle they're looking for. they say it is a 1990s ford pickup truck. they say they know that because they found part of a head light in the area. so the truck will have damage to its front end. meanwhile they also say that it was white or light colored with a red stripe down the hood. they also say it has oversized tires. they're hoping someone is familiar with that vehicle and will give them a call. we're live in san jose, christien kafton, san jose ktvu news. jurors in marin county began deliberating the case of joseph nasso late tonight. the 79-year-old photographer is acting as his own attorney and finished his closing arguments this afternoon. two in the 1970s, two others in the 1990s. naso has insisted he is innocent of the crime. independent truckers staged a protest in the port of oakland saying they're unhappy with flow turn around time that is cost them money. the picket line went up early this morning.
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truckers say sometimes they have to wait up to eight hours to load or unload their trucks. port officials can see that wait times were unusually long in july due to ta change holidays and delays at the port. prison officials say there are currently 136 inmates on a hunger strike. 69 have refused food since the start of the strike 43 days ago. ktvu has obtained video that shows someone trying to set a person on fire while they were sleeping at a b.a.r.t. station. amber lee says that there's a
10:19 pm
bigger problem at the station. >> reporter: there's video of man trying to set a homeless person on fire with a lighter. chief ben ferro says this incident saturday night wasn't reported. >> reporter: we have a mental health professional that works with us and works closely with san francisco to try to help the homeless we have in and around the station. >> reporter: he says b.a.r.t. could have intervened. >> people have to call and if there's somebody that they feel that needs attention, officers will come out here rein too welfare checks and do recommendations. >> reporter: the number of homeless people around this station troubled a business owner. dennis a street musician is
10:20 pm
more el el pa -- emphathetic to what he calls the homeless station. >> i don't make too much eye contact. i just do my own thing somewheres -- >> it will not happen if they clean up the station because homeless people always return. west oakland, dublin and hayward were all tied for the second most crime ridden b.a.r.t. stations. fifteenthand mission was not on the list. wall street started the week where it ended last week on the downside.
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nasdaq fell 13. bank stocks led. many people are showing enthusiasm on twitter for what could be a new gold iphone. the gold is being described as a champane color on the sides and back. the front would be white. the company is expected to unveil the new phone on september 8. we're now getting reports of thunder in the area. obviously we're seeing the lightning. but a lot of thunder hasn 't been heard. i'm getting reports of very loud thunder and sunny vale as well. areas now moving into the san jose area. some areas of productivity and possible thunder. as we come to redwood city you
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can see more widely scattered showers, rain showers most of this now not thunder activity but there's more behind it. let's step back a little bit and i will show you the big picture. here's what we're tracking as it moves up to the central valley. weakening a little bit but this moisture is headed to the south bay and parts of the east bay. you can almost see the trajectory. i'm going to be tracking that for the next hour. we will see you back here and we will talk more about this system as it moves in and that red flag warning is not going away any time soon. a famous actor and comedian pulled from a car this afternoon as it burst into flames. then at 10:30, a new tool in the bay area missing person's case now 25 years cold. a mother's efforts to keep hope alive. >> it was crazy, i thought i was on the battlefield. a hail of gunfire. next the violence that broke out right outside a bay area barber shop. and what police are telling us about the arrest they've made. úo
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a weekend of gun violence left three people dead and nine injured. ken pritchett reports, the crime wave hit one type of business especially hard. >> we're about ready to close this out. you'll be on your way and i'll cut it and style it for you. >> reporter: king was here at the barber/salon when it happened. >> they shot nine rounds of bullets. it was crazy. it was, i thought i was on the battlefield. >> reporter: he says three of his coworkers has chased down a man who stole a purse. it was this man demetrius ward who returned to the scene a half hour later. >> keila said there goes the guy who stole my purse out of the car. >> reporter: they went to confront the man at the sidewalk. >> as soon as they went outside there was gunfire.
10:26 pm
it was strange. i've never experienced anything like that. never. >> reporter: his three coworkers were shot and a third woman was grazed by a bullet. there were 12 shootings in oakland over the weekend, three people dead, two of those fatalities at a party friday night where four people were shot. >> it was a very tragic weekend with the number of shootings. >> reporter: oakland police chief san wentz says resources have been focusing on reducing gunfire. >> but we're going to be here, we're not going any where, and we're open for business. >> reporter: as for the three barber shop employees who were shot, king says that they are all in the hospital but are expected to be okay. in oakland, ken pritchett ktvu news. and this is amateur video
10:27 pm
of van dyke's vehicle on fire. he says he was trying to make a phone call when a man came over and pulledded -- pulled him from the car. van dyke says that the man thought he had passed out. his wife came by and picked him up. as for the car, it's destroyed. two new members of the san rafael police department were formally sworn in today. actually it was their handler who is took the oath. two police dogs are with the department which has been without a canine unit for 11 years. money for training and keeping the two dogs was donated. one dog will work patrol and the other is assigned to narcotics. mark zuckerberg's facebook page is hacked. the security flaw that one man wanted to point out. then at 10 10:45.
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a last batch at candle stick park. the plan before demolition groups go to court. and a grand finale in the dark. what triggered the darkness?
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amber swartz was 7 years old when she disappeared back in 1988. her last words as she walk out of the roads to skip rope, i love you mommy. now on her 33rd birthday, amber's mother shares a computer generated photograph of what her daughter could look like today. police consider the amber swartz case closed, but as healther holmes reports her mother has never given up her search for her daughter. >> reporter: another year without a cake, candles or balloons kim swartz spending her daughter's birth day where she has spent much of the 25
10:31 pm
last years at the pinol police department. >> i'm trying to keep hope alive. >> reporter: amber swartz garcia was last seen skipping rope outside of her family home. pinol police announced a major break in the case saying the man who kidnapped and killed amber was convicted killer curtis anderson. he was on death row for another kidnap molestation of sanchez. anderson claimed to have killed amber but died before investigators had a chance to answer questions or give him a polygraph. >> so many people believe that anderson did it and i don't. i don't at all. some day i'm hoping we can prove that. >> reporter: police closed the case. but amber's mom says without physical evidence she isn't convinced that anderson's confession is not true. >> unless we haven't found anything negative.
10:32 pm
we should proceed as though she's still out there and we should still be looking for her. >> reporter: kim schwartz showed us a computer imagine that would show what amber would look like. >> maybe they have some information they're ready to come forward with that they were afraid to say anything before. that's what i'm hoping for. >> and also what's giving schwartz hope is the recent rescue of three women in cleveland. she says if they have managed to stay alive, perhaps her daughter has too. blue's singer lester singer has filed a lawsuit against a woman that knocked him to the
10:33 pm
ground. cam belle says he is still in pain and can't perform. >> it's a nightmare. it's like any time i'm in a place where there's people, or anybody moving, you know, my phone rings i jump. >> the woman is 43-year-old deena lin andrews potter she has been charged with felony assault and elder abuse. she is a navy veteran and claims the suffers from ptsd. in news of the world tonight, in egypt the bodies of 25 police officers were given full military honors in their return to cairo. they were killed in an ambush in near the border with israel. also today an egyptian court ordered the arrest of muhammad morsi. this time the ash that fell
10:34 pm
on a near by city is worse than usual. residents are wearing masks and carrying umbrellas to protect themselves. 39,000 feet over new zealand, a lesbian couple was the first to be married now that same-sex marriage is allowed in new zealand. new jersey is now the second state to ban conversion therapy for tkpwaeu teenagers following california's lead. chris christie signed that bill today. >> i did sign the bill and i think the statement speaks itself. >> christie repeated their belief that people are born gay and that homo sexuality is not
10:35 pm
-- opponents in new jersey have said they plan to do the same. a new news network is set to begin broadcasting in the united states tomorrow. al jez era america. al jez era says it will have more news and fewer commercials than other american news networks. jobs grossed and estimated $6.7 million in its first weekend landing it in the number seven spot that is a far cry from the number one film the butler with oprah winfrey which took in $25 million. many critics complained the film concentrated too much on apple the corporation rather than the personal aspects of job's life.
10:36 pm
an unemployed computer programmer that found a flaw on facebook does not qualify for a reward. he found a way to postto someone's time line without being a friend. he demonstrated the problem on mark zuckerberg's personal page. shreda says he was hoping for the reward money. but is also happy to be getting job offers from around the world. our exclusive ktvu field poll, the poll find 52% support the health care act. 48 oppose. they are mostly republican and conservatives. first dog bo obama has a new play mate.
10:37 pm
the white house web announces the adoption of a new dog. a young whale washed ashore. why it's of special concern for this particular species. live storm tracker 2, picking up thunderstorms activity right now. at 10:45, our chief meteorologist bill martin back with his complete forecast. but first video of the lightning that is lighting up the bay area skies tonight.
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more video tonight of the lightning that's been flashing all across the night sky in the bay area. these images were taken by a
10:40 pm
ktvu camera man in san mateo county. ahead at 10:45, our chief meteorologist bill martin will have his complete forecast and tell us how long these unusual conditions are going to stick around. in marin county visitors to stinson beach were stunned and saddened by the stranding of a whale. scientists are especially concerned about this mammal's death. >> reporter: the whale was discovered stranded and struggling on this stretch of the beach in the early hours of the morning. >> we saw it breathing and sometimes a little bit moving we ran back to the house, got our parents and came back. >> reporter: beachgoers called the fire department which called sausalito's marine center but it was too late. this video shows the 30 to 40- foot calf in its final moves before it died at around 9:00 in the morning. >> it was struggling. just a very sad event. >> i've lived out here for 47 years and i have never seen a
10:41 pm
live whale on the beach before. >> reporter: it appears to be a thin whale calf which somehow became separated from its mother. >> all the whales are extremely rare. >> reporter: beachgoers watched as crews crews tried to help. this is the fifth large whale stranding this year that the marin mammal center has responded to. after a necropsy, the calf
10:42 pm
will be buried near where it was found the problem has become acute in southern california where fake 911 calls involving the homes of celebrities have been common. the bill is now headed to the senate where it is expected to be approved. the new photos of prince george are breaking with tradition. they were both taken at the beginning of the month and they show prince william and katherine with the baby in the back garden of the middleton family. they were taken by kate's father and not a stage photo orchestrated by a professional photographer. why some are worried about what a new plan could mean for lake tahoe. thunderstorms in some impressive lightning displays in the bay area tonight.
10:43 pm
the effect they're having on a red flag warning. in two minutes a concert for the ages. >> they parade through their songs but they could not hear themselves because of the screaming. >> the encore that organizers are trying to put together for a goodbye to candle stick park. [ female announcer ] when you asked us to remove high fructose corn syrup from yoplait original and light, we were like, "sure. no problem!" and you were like, "thanks, but what about thick & creamy and whips!" and we were like, "done and done! now it's out of everything yoplait makes." and you were all, "yum!" and we're like, "is it just us, or has this been a really good conversation?"
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and you were like, "i would talk, but my mouth is full of yogurt." yoplait. it is so good!
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the end of the road for candle stick park may include a musical send off. officials are trying to put together a send off concert by mccartney. >> reporter: paul mccartney's
10:46 pm
performance at outdoor lands, had fan excited. >> i was just giddy. >> torrez was there. >> they played through their songs but they couldn't hear themselves because of the screaming. >> reporter: he conducted this interview with paul mccartny years later who did not realize the significance of kapbd -ld stick until it was over. now mccartny is getting a second chance at a last candle stick concert. >> he has to get ringo going there too to make it a fab going. >> reporter: officials are now trying to reach out to mccartny's manager. >> we said yes, we were thrilled. there's a little bit of room between now and then. >> we're happy, we're working on it already. >> reporter: city officials say the concert would cap off a few years of festivities here at
10:47 pm
candle stick. but they're hoping for one more winning season of football. anne rubin, ktvu channel 2 news. just as fire season heats up, contra costa county residents are hearing about new plans for their already reduced fire protection. a town hall meeting was held in pittsburgh to discuss possible new cuts. the county fire service has already been reduced because of funding shortages. tonight county hired consultants outlined the future of the fire protection district with more cut backs. -- pittsburg. two more meetings are scheduled. one is set at the pittsburg community library at 6:30 p.m. the other is at the lafayette veteran's also at 6:30. and we still have some
10:48 pm
serious or significant activity. as we go down toward campbell. look at this area here. right now heavy rain. i'm not going to report lightning from this one but could easily produce lightning. as we track it north you can see the areas it's going to go through about 22 minutes mountain view. you can expect the shower activity to pick up perhaps thunder and lightning. then we can track this line here as we grab the front end of it and move it this way. you can see we're looking at union city in 26 minutes. 86 minutes to fremont. these times maybe off a little bit. these things are getting ready to move in. as the main band of showers there's a lightning strikes as the radar saw them over the last 45 minutes but you can see the main band of showers moving offshore. the heavy stuff but there's still rain and instability behind. this low pressure center has been causing problems. it's just a little bit tomorrow. a little further south.
10:49 pm
but continues this motion of bringing in moist tropical unstable air into the region. look for thunderstorms back in the forecast tomorrow. that's why the red flag warning remains in effect for bay area basically the entire bay area. san francisco county does not have a red flag warning. but you're getting lightning strikes. possible thunderstorms linger into the day tomorrow and into wednesday. so, the forecast for cloud cover tomorrow morning, you get mostly high clouds. coastal fog, maybe a thundershower, maybe a sprinkle. and then temperatures begin to cool a little bit. we will have more cloud cover tomorrow especially if north bay. temperatures will be slightly cooler. we have 104 degrees in the inland bay valleys. going back to school, west contra costa county unified school district. 78degrees at lunchtime. a nice day beginning back to school. clouds come back into the forecast. then again tomorrow we're in the same situation where a thundershower is possible. toad was pretty nice. started out nice, ended up
10:50 pm
pretty nice. up until the end of the day, that's what i suspect will happen tomorrow. steve paulson is in here bright and early and they'll be talking about most of the activity should have died down. most of the activity into the early morning hours. i suspect the strongest stuff will move there about an hour and a half ago. we have most of the pictures and most of the lightning strikes and thunder. more in the forecast, red flag warning doesn't go away until wednesday morning. >> we're waiting for the spectacular sight tonight. we have breaking news tonight from the south bay where police are at the scene of a triple shooting. it happened at a bar and restaurant at elam avenue. one of the three victims suffered life threatening injuries. >> reporter: that's what we heard. we arrived here and hour and 15
10:51 pm
minutes ago. investigators focusing their effort on the hong restaurant. two of them had nonlife threatening injuries. one of them did suffer life threatening injuries. they seem to have pulled some people aside. as we turned to the right. you can see that investigators are focusing their attention at some bushes in this area. the shooting happened at 10:01 this evening at the huong restaurant. ala -- alam park road is closed at this hour. no word on when it will reopen. we're hearing three victims one with life threatening injuries, two with nonlife threatening injuries. christien kafton, ktvu news. mark is here now with sports. a walk off win for the a's. >> they will take it although it's so last year.
10:52 pm
it's kind of like their specialty when they won the west in 2012. it's back at least for tonight and doing what they have to do to grind out another win. seattle in town, 1-20 in the #. -- in the ninth. parker went the distance. then it is justin smoke lining one to right. that's where it gets real interesting. morales is some kind of adventurous run. brandon moss ticket to ride. ball game solo homer. there's another one of those walk off wins. texas victorious as well. but the a's just a half game back in the west. the boston red sox left boston this morning. flew all the way across country, arrive at sfo this afternoon, went straight to the ballpark in san francisco.
10:53 pm
and the only team that was jet lagging the giants. so just hard to watch the last couple of day. they get clocked 7-0 by boston. sloppy like yesterday. 2-0, lincecum on the mound. shane victorino, andre torrez plays around with it out there. rbi single, 4-0 in the fifth. guillermo gastos 5-6. two in the ninth and a local kid, danny nava and he plays for boston, base hit. he had three hits tonight out of santa clara. 12 hits for boston on little sleep. lincecum is now 6-13. sometimes you just have to cut your losses and move on. that's exactly what the 49ers do at last year's number one draft choice. coach harbaugh will tell you what's the deal with aj jenkins. sports part two, next. ♪
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every now and then i guess the media is not so dumb. this time last year many suspected aj jenkins was not exactly cuts it with the niners. coach harbaugh called them all clueless. maybe not. today the niners cut tie with the number one pick. fumbled away as only reception of preseason this time around.
10:57 pm
now he's a kansas city chief. in return they get john baldwin. himself a disappointment as the number one pick in 2011. today coach harbaugh was asked what happened to your guy jenkins. >> a.j. is a very talented player. he's never been a problem as a teammate. he compete, works very hard. there's no reason why you know both these guys can't end up having a great career. >> yeah it could work out. change of scenery. but sometimes you have to say we made a mistake. you know, no problem with that. >> and a little change is good. like you said. >> we all make them. >> we sure do, thank you. >> all right. >> thank you for choosing ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> right now a ktvu news crew is headed to danville where a portion of el camino is shut down because of major accident. and the triple shooting in san
10:58 pm
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